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Re: [AGA-Member] Re: AGA-Member Digest, Vol 3, Issue 15

I understand that the on-line plant column will show up in
January. Plans for the mag are more indeterminate. 

I suppose whatever they eventually run in the mag might be
called "A Poor Substitute for Karen Randall's Sunken
Gardens" although that seems a bit long for a title.

--- Karen Randall <krandall@rdrcpa.biz> wrote:

> Richard Schiek wrote:
> > Aquarium Fish magazine used to publish a column by
> Karen Rendal each
> > month, but in the latest issue it's gone.  Does anyone
> know if they've
> > dropped the column?  I hope it isn't gone as it was a
> nice bit of
> > exposure for planted tanks.
> Hi Rich,
> In fairness to AFM, they didn't "drop" the column...
> Sunken Gardens and I
> retired.<g>  Between AGA, family, and other life
> committments, it just got
> to be too much for me.  I will still write a planted tank
> article for AFM
> from time to time though.  My understanding is that there
> may be an on-line
> plant column in the works for Fancy Publications
> featuring another AGA board
> member.  I'll leave it to that person to speak up if they
> want to ;-)
> Karen Randall
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