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[AGA-Member] TAG Pen-Name/Pun-Name Contest Deadline Extended

The deadline has been *extended* to midnight October 31 for
the contest announced in the current issue of _The Aquatic
Gardener_ (TAG Volume 17, Issue 3). 

The background: Each issue, TAG presents threads of special
interest from APD in a feature called "Stranded on the
List". One of the editor names is real but the rest have
all been puns, usually related to the column subject. Of
course, some are more groan-worthy than others ;-) . 

The contest:
The person that successfully explains the most (not
necessarily all but most) pun-names will win a one-year
extension to their AGA membership. If you correctly explain
all eleven pen names, your attendance at the AGA2K4
Convention Banquet will be on AGA too. If you're not going
to the convention, a comparable prize will be offered. The
info is in TAG 17-3 -- void were prohibited, etc.

So if you know any of the puns or think you can guess,
simply email an entry (or entries) to dmuckle@Comcast.net

Your email entry (or entries) must be date-time stamped
before midnight, October 31, 2004.  

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

Still some time left to get the 65% discount hotel rate.

The Annual AGA Convention, 2004, November 12-14.
aquatic-gardeners.org & gwapa.org

Speakers, 3 Focus Groups in two sessions each, plus Field Trip, Banquet, auctions of equipment and plants from some of the best companies, gardeners & nurseries in the hobby.
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