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Re: [AGA-Member] Is it okay to pre-mix?

Is it okay to pre-mix your nutrients for the week so that you only have to dose one thing? If you mix KNO3, and Seachem P, K, Trace, and Fe, are there reactions that prevent your nutrients from getting to the plants properly?

Hi Ron...

I would the answer is certainly yes, fertilizier chemicals will react. Phosphates can be very reactive, try mixing PO4 with your iron, you will immediately form insoluable salts, this is what tipped me off. Keep everything separate and mix in the tank... as things become more and more dilute the reaction rates go down significantly. I follow this routine:

Day 1: 50% Change, K+, Mg/Ca, Weeks worth of PO4, let mix in between
Day 2: Trace + N, let mix in between
Day 4: Trace + N, let mix in between
Day 6: Trace

KNO3/K2SO4/Mg are all dry.

Keep chemicals dry if possible (they're much more stable) and if you need to make solutions use distilled/RO water and add a little HCl if the solution needs to last a few weeks, or else you can get bacteria growing in aqueous based solutions... I would not mix concentrated stock solutions together, if you must use RO and keep it as dilute as possible.

Jeff Ludwig
Elkton, MD

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