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[AGA-Member] Flourish Nitrate

> Karen,

How have you found S. Nitrogen to work with your CO2 based system? Using
Seachem stuff exclusively I've had a lot of succes but I've had problems in
the past when I mixed systems.


Hi Phil,

I'm not sure what you mean by "mixed system" in this context. Do you mean CO2 instead of using Excel? While Excel is better than nothing as a carbon source, even Greg Morin will freely admit that it can't compare with supplemental CO2. All of the rest of the Seachem products are completely compatible with a CO2 supplemented system. (in fact, I suspect that it is the rare non-CO2 suplemented tank that NEEDS NPK supplementation)

I use Flourish Nitrate and Flourish Phosphate. I've tried Flourish Flourish (for lack of a better term<g>) in the past, but I'm used to Tropica Mastergrow, have used it for probably 15 years, and am used to how it works with my particular water conditions. I know many people love the Seachem product, and there is no reason it shouldn't work very well. But it would take more "tweaking" than I feel like doing, when I have another product I'm very happy with. Besides, Tropica does just as much for our hobby, and I like supporting their efforts too. ;-)

As I mentioned before, I've never felt the need to supplement extra K, and TMG seems to be balanced well enough that I've never needed to even try Flourish Iron or Trace.


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