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[AGA-Member] Java Fern....

Could someone tell me why my Java Fern leaves are turning black and getting holes through the older leaves.  I'm thinking possible over fertilisation.  Another observation is the blackened leaves tend to be closest to the surface nearer the light.  
It's a 180 gal tank established for several years.  I use Corpus Christi tap water which is 7.9 to 8 pH.  I also buffer as I have Juliochromis marlieri Burundis.  The hardness is 100 to 200 ppm.  
I test for Fe, PO4 and NO3s.  I always try to maintain trace amounts or slightly higher.  
The lights are compac F.  at 2 to 2.2 watts per gal for 11+/- hours a day.  
There is Bolbitis with similar symptom but not as severe. 
All plants grow well.  Anubias, water sprite, Val, java moss and several swords.  
I have had a CO2 system operating for at least 1 year. 
Plus my Julios haven't reproduced, ever.  
Any thoughts??

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