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Re: [AGA-Member] CO2 tank squealing!!

Heather J Gladney wrote:

Dear CO2 gurus:
I have a gas tank question for anybody around tonight.
I've got one of Troy's Milwaukee regulator/solenoid/bubble counter.
I've had fairly good luck since I got it going--lots of algae due to fertlizer issues, but tests were finding the pH/GH/CO2 okay.
The CO2 tank went empty a few days ago.
I just replaced the 10 lb tank tonight.
They were storing their tanks outside, and it's been "frost on windshields" weather around here for some time.
I brought the tank inside, and hadn't had time to work on it until now, since it's warmed up.
I attached the regulator, filled up the bubble counter and attached the CO2 airline, turned on the solenoid, and tried to open the main tank valve.
Before any pressure shows on my the emergency release on it squeals horribly, and shows no signs of stopping after letting it howl for at least a minute about five times.
I'm thinking this may be an overfilled tank, or a malfunctioning one, or there may be a blockage in the regulator.
I'm also not sure if this is "dangerously overfilled", get it back out in the garage NOW, or if there's just something blocking the regulator, and what I should try.
I would like to talk to you first, as Airgas won't be open until tomorrow, and may not understand what I'm trying to do.
Thanks--any advice welcome!

Sorry about double-posting like this--first post got sent off too soon!
I should add that, before any pressure shows on my regulator, the emergency release on the main valve squeals.
I'm pretty sure of this, because the little hole jetted out a visible cloud of white gas the first time!
Also, I opened the regulator slightly, and the bubble counter slightly, and tried opening the main valve that way as well.
The bubble counter bubbled furiously, and then after I shut off the main valve, it bled off from the regulator down to a standstill, so I think my regulator is fine, it's not blocked!
Thanks for any advice you may have...

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