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[AGA-Member] addenda to magnesium question

Upate on Mg calculations for answering my own question, "How much change in dGH does that much Mg do?"

For current dKH of 5 - 6, or 89.5 -107.4 ppm Ca, a 4:1 ratio of lime: Epsom salts gives 22.38 - 26.85 ppm Mg.
My hardness test kit instructions show 17.9 ppm = 1 degree for both dKH and dGH.
**Therefore (doh!!) divide the ppm of Mg by 17.9 ppm per degree of general hardness to convert into dGH.**
(I'm more comfortable in dGH because that's how my test kits are calibrated.)
22.38ppm/17.9 gives 1.25 dGH as lower end, and 26.85ppm/17.9 gives 1.5 dGH at upper end.
so a range of 1.25 - 1.5 dGH added by the Epsom salts is not bad.
I could substitute the Epsom salts at this high range for all of the soda if I wasn't worried about sulfur in the Epsom salts plus that in the K2SO4 for the K.
Does 4 - 4 1/2 tbsp Epsom salts for 76 actual gallons (90 nominal) sound reasonable to other folks?

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