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Re: [AGA-Member] undergravel heaters -- or - uncovering thecostsandbenefits

--- Troy Hendrickson <t_hendrickson@qwest.net> wrote:

> Yeah, funny but you don't hear the dark side of Edison's
> success, good
> inventor, too bad he tried to use his inventions to gain
> monopolies, but
> such is the corporate world.
> Interestingly enough, from what I've read, Edisons
> original idea was to have
> localized generating stations in every neighborhood,

With DC that would have been mandatory. That was the
biggest drawback to DC vs AC, the distance it could be
carried usefully.

> each home having
> it's own generator. Considering the problems of
> maintaining a massive
> infrastructure as is required for AC power, time may show
> the ultimate folly
> of AC, escpecially since many household electronics
> immediately convert AC
> to DC before any other process. 

The cost of power generating stations every few blocks was
going to be astronomical. It will never get any cheaper.

> . . .
> Interesting though, back to original discussion, at least
> to the point where
> I hijacked it, lineman routinely hook up to live lines
> suspended on
> platforms and other devices, the only ill effect being a
> queezy feeling,
> which is due to the fields surrounding them when doing
> so, a mesh suit
> apparently takes care of that.

They are enjoying essential the same protection as the bird
on a wire - the current has better places to go than
through their body, if it's done right.
> I like to imagine the first person they tried that system
> on.

On a smaller scale but evidencing the same principles, that
would have been Tesla ;-) . 

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