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[AGA-Member] Modified turkey baster

For those of you who have been at planted aquaria for a while, you may have
figured this out already, but I just made myself a new and handy tool which
has made planting plants a bit easier.  I took a turkey baster and cut the
end back, giving me about a 3/4 inch opening rather than the much smaller
basting opening it had before.  I've been using this to pick up the
occasional large crud in the bottom of a tank, but this evening I was
planting a few new plants and found a new use for it - it's also a slim,
easily-directed funnel.  I have been using the wonderful suggestion I
received [from Tom Barr, I think], of threading floating-type plants through
small squares of burlap before anchoring them in the substrate.  This works
like a charm!  Once I was done, though, I noticed that I really needed to
get more gravel into an awkward spot to finish covering the roots.  Rather
than tangling my hand in the foliage to get down to where I needed the
gravel, I took off the silicone bulb at the top of my modified baster, moved
the end of the baster into position at the base of the plant, and fed a
small handful of gravel through the top of the baster to get the gravel just
where I wanted it.  Success!


I thought I'd share this in case this might be a useful idea for someone
else too.







Kirsten Klinghammer

Rescue, CA




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