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[AGA-Member] help with another filter system.....

I am needing another (2nd) filtering system for my 180 gal set up.  Due to a recent move I have eliminated an Emperor power filter and basically only have an Eheim 2213 canister.  My tank is too close to the wall for power filers or HOTs.   There are several sponge types attached to power heads adding temporary filtering.  The tank is heavily planted and stable at the moment.  The fish load is usually low.  My CO2 in added via Eheim's bubbler.  
I am thinking another canister system and was looking at the Eheim wet dry unit.  However the Eheim tech people said it was mostly for saltwater set ups and heavy biological loads.  The air intake system would not be a good place to add CO2.  I am beginning to understand their explanation and thinking the Professional 2 model.  
Does anyone have advise or preferences to another canister or system? 
Regards ahk

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