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[AGA-Member] Planted Tank System available near Portland, OR

It starts with a 72 gallon all glass bowfront tank and stand, in light oak:
Then it has an AH Supply 48" hood with a 4x55 brightkit & 4 bulbs:

Then it has a CO2 system and Eheim filter, very similar to the one in
this picture:
www.fitchfamily.com/aquarium.html (scroll down to the picture under
"equipment"). I have the same filter, the same mixer J (the thing in
the middle that's not the garbage disposer), and the same CO2
regulator. I think his CO2 cylinder is a 20; mine is a 10.

There are also two 150 watt heaters in the aquarium.
The aquarium has a mixture of 50/50 flourite and gravel - if I had it
to over again, I would use all flourite, both for looks and because I
think it helps with plant growth.

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