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[AGA-Member] ACA in July -- Fund- and Awareness-raising


The ACA (American Cichlid Association) convention is coming up July 21 - 24 in Ft. Worth, TX. Larry Lampert helped the AGA (that's us) to acquire a table in their vendor room. Thanks, Larry!

Larry had the great idea of selling plants at the AGA table, since we can't put them in the auction this year. This would raise both awareness and funds.

But we need people to help out at the table. If you were planning to go to ACA anyway, and want to volunteer to help staff the table and promote planted aquaria, let me know off list at membership @ aquatic-gardeners.org. AGA will give a free one-year membership to any volunteer who misses a talk due to helping at the table. But donating as little as 30 minutes will earn you a big thank-you.

We also need AGA members (in the US) to donate plants. Your spare clippings could earn money for the AGA, but more important you'll be helping to spread the word about the association and the planted aquaria hobby. The plants don't have to be rare plants--fish folks don't know what to do with them anyway. :-) Easy stuff like Java fern, Java moss, hornwort, Crypts, Anubias, swords, etc. will be great.

If you want to donate plants, please mail them to me at:

Cheryl Rogers
420 Horseshoe Trl
Oak Point TX  75068

It's hot here in TX, so you might want to send them Priority. Sorry, we can't reimburse postage, but it's all for a good cause. Unfortunately, you can't deduct donations to the AGA off of your income tax! :-(


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