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Re: [AGA-Member] Substrate question?

if you subscribe to the theory that the plants get their nutrients from the  
water column and that the substrate is basically a way for the plant to anchor 
 itself, then bell sand or sandblasting sand is a cost effective substrate. 
this is the same stuff used in pool filters, for sand blasting, and i once  
purchased a 40lb bag at the most expensive LFS in Houston for $6.00. you have  
probably seen it in every LFS that you have gone into  as it is cheap. lets  
face it if you have 100 tanks the decorative gravel gets to be a bit of an  
i have mixed it with Flourite(2 parts sand- one part flourite), used it by  
itself, and when planting swords used a root tab to augment the water column. 
i would however add a thin layer of laterite say a 1/2 inch from the bottom  
especially if i was running a high light tank. 
have a great 4th everybody
rich green
milton ma
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