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[AGA-Member] AGA at ACA

Thanks to everyone who helped to make the table at ACA this past weekend such a great success. We had lots of great plants from the AGA and Dallas-Ft. Worth Aquatic Plant Club. Big kudos to DFWAPC for providing plants and devoted workers.

Harold LaRoux, May Lorfing, and David Lim from DFWAPC, and Ann Viverette, Scott Hieber, and myself (AGA) worked the table, patiently answering the same questions for hours. Larry Lampert was working the convention for TCA, but dropped by when he could and also brought great plants. The table was right at the entrance to all the action, so no one could come in or out of the talks without passing the table. Great exposure!

I made a tri-fold poster with AGA on one side, DFWAPC on the other, and cichlids in the middle. Ann Viverette brought a laptop and Erik Olson set up a planted tank slide show. We even had a noise machine set up behind it that sounded like a babbling brook.

Mega-thanks to AGA Member Rich Green who sent a huge box of plants. I had just opened the box at the table and pulled out a grapefruit-sized chunk of Java Fern Windelov, when Dr. Abe Schwartz (another AGA member who had come from Puerto Rico for the convention) leaned over the table, plucked it out of my hands and said, "How much?"

We sold a couple of AGA memberships, but maybe more will join because a some people told me they would look us up on the web later. Each plant had a card stapled to it with AGA info on one side and DFWAPC info on the other. Well, we ran out of cards late Saturday but MOST of them had cards. :-)

Erik, Scott and I printed an article to hand out at the table: "The Basics" by Ben Belton. It was a smash hit. We printed about 150 and there were only a few left by the end of the weekend.

So AGA did a great service this past weekend. Many cichlids are celebrating this week because they have plants in their tanks!

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