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[AGA-Member] Let's meet, everyone !

Hi there, friends !
I'm Eishi Yamamoto, a novice for aquascaping, living in Tokyo.
It's a greate pleasure for me to be here as a new member of AGA.
Three small cozy biotopes in the ceramic bowls with aquatic plants and several of Japanese killifish were the root of my aquarium.
Now, I have got 3 aquarium tanks in my rooms for the past one and a half years.
40 gallon aquascaping tank has won a prize of 35th place at ADA International Layout Contest 2005. Oh, looks like I'm a bit elated again!
Mr. Oliver Knott, an expert, has won the 10th prize, hasn't he ? I knew he would make it, for every aquascape he presented on his website was just superb. And AGA Aquqscaping Contest 2006 is exactly what I want to participate in.

Does anybody going to attend the ADA party that will be held on September 10th in Tokyo?
If so, I'd be glad to play a role as a superb??? interpreter for the AGA members from around the world at the party. Is Ms. Schum coming to Tokyo? In that case I'll be pleased to assist her, with limitted English though.
Isn't it something that we visit with each other over a cup of tea taking a looking at and reviewing our beautiful aquagardens on the screen ?

If you have time to spare in the evening of that day or the next day, Sept. 11,and if you want, I'll show you around some must-spots for enthusiastic aquarists, aquatic plants store in Ginza (only 5 minutes by cab from the party hall.) And Tokyu Hands --- Mega store for home improvement items, DIY goods, plants,,,, almost everything you name, etc.
ADA Gallary in Niigata prefecture, --- some 3 hours by train from tokyo ----is another must-spot. (Sorry, I can't take you there, though. ADA staff members will help you, I'm positive. )

For more information on where to go and what to see in Japan, contact me !!

I'll be looking forward to seeing you all then at the ADA Party on September 10th.

Eishi  Yamamoto

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