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[AGA-Member] Nature Aquarium Party

Yamamoto san, 

 Konichiwa and Doumo Arigatou Gozaimasu for the kind invitation.

As far as I know, Ricky and I are the only Americans going to the Nature Aquarium party, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone else was there that we didn't know about.  That would be great.  I wish Cheryl were going.  She might keep Ricky and I from killing each other.  Actually, she would probably kill us both before we got the chance to kill each other. :-)

We arrive in Tokyo September 5th and are taking the Shinkansen straight to Kyoto for 4 days.  We go to Tokyo on the 9th to sight see and then the Nature Aquarium party for a few days.  Then I think the 12th we are headed to Niigata to see the ADA Gallery and maybe some other things the ADA staff has arranged for us.  We leave the 15th.

Ricky called Oliver and he told us that he is going to be busy with some business meetings, but we hope to meet up sometime before the party.  I'm not sure.

Ricky has worked out many of the details of our trip so I hate to say very much because I could be wrong.  I'm going where Ricky tells me to go.

Once we get to Tokyo, we may be glad to have someone show us some sights.  Again, I don't know exactly what Ricky has planned for us.  I will need help finding a Harley Davidson Tokyo shirt for the friend that is feeding my fish while I am gone :-) ----- ughhhh!

Email me and let's keep in touch.  
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