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[AGA-Member] Echinodorus Ozelot Propogation?

I have a beautiful Echinodorus Ozelot which has been putting out flower
stalks.  Although the plant is in a covered 38 gallon aquarium and couldn't
grow much above the water surface, I thought I would see what would happen
if I left the flower stalks be.  Much to my [inexperienced] surprise, small
plantlets have been growing from the flowering nodes!  They look lovely in
the tank, but it's getting to the point that they need to be moved out so
that other plants will get enough light.  


How can I best support the growth of the Ozelot plantlets?  My thought at
the moment is to cut off the flower stalk below the last plantlet (maybe
it'll keep producing more?), then move the plantlets into a paludarium for
mostly-emersed growth.  The paludarium isn't set up yet, but it will be
outside on the deck under shade, and I expect a temperature range in the
tank to go between 68-100 degrees Fahrenheit (likely daily) during the time
I plan to have it set up this summer (here in sunny, hot, Northern
California).  I'm hoping the temperature range will be okay, as I don't have
any other good place to put these plants. 


When I move the plants, should I plant them in soil, peat pots, fluorite,
gravel, sand, or some version of rock wool and plastic mesh pots?  I have
friends who are interested in some of these young Ozelots once they get
established, so I want to be sure that they will transplant easily.  Also,
should I let them grow connected for a while longer after moving them (there
are four or so plantlets per stalk), or should I cut them apart when I move


I've been trying to look through the archives, my planted aquaria books and
magazines, and on the internet to find more information, but I haven't found
what I'm looking for.  I would welcome your comments.


Thank you!






Kirsten Klinghammer

Rescue, California, USA


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