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[AGA-Member] Ben and Ricky Update 9-10-05

Hey y'all,

I got a lot of time to work on the page on the train yesterday.  
Ricky and I are exhausted.  It was sooooo hot and humid yesterday. 
 Ricky's shirt had salt patches from dried sweat.  Just the heat 
makes the sight seeing so tiring.

Anyway, I have updated the pics from the 7th with more Japan pics 
and a few additional pet shop pics.  Also I made an index page.  
Lastly, Ricky and I have some candids of us in our traditional 
Japanese room.

We are in Tokyo now.  I hope to get pics up from yesterday 
sometime today.  We saw some amazing sights yesterday.  The Nature 
Aquarium Party is today.  We met Eishi last night and he has 
spoiled us with help, maps, advice, and friendliness.

Remember we are a day in the future here if you are wondering 
about some of the dates.  When you look at some of the electronice 
they have here, we are 2 years in the future.


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