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Re: [AGA-Member] Low-light tanks & CO2

S. Hieber wrote:

One thing you can do for an aquarium where you don't want
to have a lot of light but you do a lot of fish feeding is
add some watersprite (Ceratopteris cornuta) as a floating

I love the way this plant looks, too.  Nice contrast with everything else.

Because it is floating it will be up close to the
lights, taking maximum advantage of them while providing
some shade for the water column below. Plus, because it is
at the surface, ity can get plenty of CO2. So it can behave
like fast growing plants, soaking up a lot of nutrients
fromthe water column even in a relatvely low-light

As a bonus, trimming is very easy, so you can control the
amount with barely any effort at all. You can tear, divide,
snip pretty much any way you want and the plant just keeps
growing back and it seems to accept a pretty wide range of
water conditions and temps.

For the sake of swords, you might want to avoid shading
them, but the ferns and anubias won't mind the shade.

have plants, have solutions,

Always!!  And as always, thanks.


--- Adam Michels <amichels@trafficleader.com> wrote:

. . .
I've heard that bunched plants absorb nutrients faster
than most
others. But it seems no one keeps bunched plants in
discus-style tanks; mostly Anubias, Java Ferns, Mosses,
Grasses and
Swords. My planted discus tank seems to get dirty and
overwhelmed with
dissolved organics quickly. Because of this I clean my
canister more
often, every two weeks or so. I even considered doing it
week...discus, ugh.
Also, if your substrate is real deep, like more than 3
or 4
inches, I think adding more Sword plants might improve
conditions. Their
roots spread out fast, and I bet they do a great job,
comparatively, of
keeping the substrate free of anaerobic conditions. I'm
though, and really have no evidence of such.

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