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[AGA-Member] Anubias nana setting seed

I purchased a beautiful Anubias nana from a local fish store about a month
or so ago.  I presume it had been grown emersed before they got it, and it
was stunningly healthy and had a bud which was beginning to bloom.  I put
the plant into one of my tanks, and have kept it submerged.  The bud opened
up into a creamy white, calla lily-like bloom, and I left it there to see
what would happen. 


Yesterday I noticed that the bloom was beginning to disintegrate a little,
but I also noticed that the plant seems to have set seed.  How does one
handle Anubias seeds?  Should I leave the seeds on the plant until the bud
falls apart completely?  Will they even mature fully if the bud is
submerged, as it is?  If the seeds do mature, do they need to be dried
before being planted, or what is the life cycle of these seeds and how can I
try to replicate it?  I won't be heartbroken if I can't get the seeds to
grow, but it would be fun to be successful.


I hope someone can shed some light on this process; I'm eager to learn!


Thank you,






Kirsten Klinghammer

Rescue, California, USA


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