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[AGA-Member] Re: Re: Hygrophila 'compacta' (Cheryl Rogers)

Cheryl I cant imagine that I would be a good person to ask identification questions. For the most part I still refer to my plants by the names I received them under. For instance, I still grow both gratiola and pellia. While I would be pleased to receive, grow out and re-distribute to sfbaaps members any interesting new plant, I would also always call your plant: "Cheryl's guppy tank plant".

From: Cheryl Rogers <cheryl@wilstream.com>

Jeff, if I send you some of this plant that grows in the foreground of my guppy tank, will you tell me what you think it is? It sure does grow low. It doesn't grow fast, but does hug the substrate. It's a low-light tank, though.
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