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[AGA-Member] Madagascar Lace plant

Hello all! Its been quite a while since any discussion has been going on through here so I thought it was about time to start something up! First off I wanted to see if anyone has had any expierences ordering plants through florida driftwood. I placed an order through there and i have to say i am EXTREMELY disapointed with thier customer service and product. Not only were the increadble rude it took over a month to fill my order and get it shipped, and once I fianally did get it they didnt ship my rotala macaranda for some unknown reason and the lace plant i did recieve is in rather poor shape which is fine by me because im sure it will come back alright in my tank. but the whole ordeal was rather disapointing and frustrating to say the least.... i order several other pretty common plants also some dwar hair grass a few crypt's and some glossostigma and they wernt in all to great of condition either.... needless to say I wasnt impressed at all with the product and i surly didnt appriciate my emails being ignored but oh well live and learn I guess i wont EVER do buisness there again.... anyone else have any expierence ordering through florida driftwood? good or bad?

Anyway getting back to my post topic Is anyone out there growing lace plants? or have any past expierence with them? I have tried to do some research on the net and did find some good information but would like to learn more, and some sources conflicted a bit..... a lot said that the lace plants like a nutrient rich, warm loose substrate that is low in organic matter, whiile others stated that it benfits from a substrate high in aged organic matter.... but most agreed that it can be a rather hard plant to care for and conditions need to be met for success. Any one have good luck with this plant and able to get it to grow well? I read a lot of people having it do really well until it went dormit when they were never really able to get it to come back, any advice or tips for storing it through the dormit period? i couldnt find anything about that really.... just 2 sources i belive that recomended storing it in moist peat for 6 weeks to 2 months for the rest cycle before planting it in the tank again. any expierences people have had would be appriciated good or bad, we can all learn from others mistakes, maybe try doing something different than what others who didnt have success tried.
Also is anyone growing rotala macaranda that could part with some cutting to either sell or trade or something of the like? I was REALLY disapointed to not get that one in my order and i dont really need any other plants and other mail orders all have a min. order usually..... so i would like to try to get some cuttings if anyone could help me out please let me know.... thanks a lot every!
Matt Scarnecchia
Youngstown, Ohio

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