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[AGA-Member] Daphnia, Algae, and Plants

Hi All,


I have recently acquired some daphnia and am raising them to feed fish fry.
I also just trimmed one of my tanks this evening, pulling out a bunch of
Echinodorus ozelot plantlets (I'd been planning to do this for some time,
but the plantlets really looked pretty floating at the surface!).  Anyway,
I'm going to plant the ozelots in some sort of paludarium set-up, without
fish at the moment.  


So on to my question:  Does anyone know if daphnia only eat algae in the
water, or will they help keep algae off of plants, too?  Or help keep algae
off of plants by eating it in the water before it gets a foothold on a
plant?  I don't have an algae problem, but then I have so many algae eaters
in all my tanks that algae can't get started.  I'm concerned I may end up
with algae in a tank without critters, but if the daphnia might help keep it
under control, then it'll give me another place to raise them, too ;-)  I do
know there are many different types of algae, too, but I just don't know
enough about daphnia and I haven't been able to find this information
anywhere yet.


Thank you,






Kirsten Klinghammer

Rescue, California, USA


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