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RE: [AGA-Member] RE: Daphnia, Algae, and Plants

Good morning, Karen,

Thank you for your advice.  I suspected that the algae in the water and on
the plants might not be the same kind.  I think I will go the oto and snail
route if it looks like I'm having problems, but I'll hold off on the otos
initially until the tank is somewhat stable water-wise.

Have a lovely weekend :-)


Kirsten Klinghammer
Rescue, California, USA

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Hi Kirsten,

As far as I know, daphnia only eat suspended unicellular algae.  (or other
suspended unicellular material.  The other problem is that the algae that
settle and grow on plants are not the same ones that stay suspended in the
water.  And one the spores DO settle on plants (or other surfaces) they
propagete vegetatively, and there is nothing left in the water column.

However, if you want to ad a little more in the way of "clean-up crew", you
could always add a few Otos and some ramshorn snails.  Neither will bother
the daphnia at all, and will help keep surfaces clean of algae.  

Just be careful that there IS enough food around for the otos... in a pretty
clean tank, particularly if it isn't large, they can easily stave to death.
Unless there is visible algae present, make sure you also offer them either
algae wafers or blanched zucchini. (or other blanched veggies, it's just
that zucchini is nutritious and very easy to handle)


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