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Re: [AGA-Member] Lighting

I use compact flourescent bulbs, as I have an odd-shaped tank that doesn't suit regular bulbs.
I find them reasonably powerful for the cost, and they last longer and are not nearly as much thermal burden as metal halides would be.
That said, they do not punch down through great depths as well as I'm told halides would, and the light quality is shadowless & diffuse.
On fans, I seem to remember somebody (with comments from Scott Hieber perhaps?) a few months back might have mentioned some good fan sizes & mfr names for durable, high-quality, very quiet fans for use with light kits etc.
RE: other types of lighting, I'd love to know if anybody knows of someone trying the newer LEDs, and what the results were.
For example:
I suggest this link as an example, not as an endorsement, as I have not tried them myself.
They might work well as supplemental lighting to my main CF hood, for instance.

Bill Hudgens wrote:

What lighting do you prefer for a planted aquarium. I have a 90 gallon aquarium with a JBJ power compact unit. The ventilation fans are fairly noisy and I would prefer to get a lighting fixture which is silent. Any suggestions?


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