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[AGA-Member] ADA flyers for clubs

Aqua Design Amano sent us a pile of flyers/entry forms for the 2006 Aquatic Plants Layout Contest. I mailed some to all the aquatic plant clubs I could find in the US. SO now I am offering them to regular aquariums clubs and any aquatic plant clubs I might have missed elsewhere.

If you are a member of a club that has some plant-heads and want some copies for your next club meeting, please e-mail me. I would prefer to mail the flyers to an officer of the club if possible. Sorry, we cannot mail them to individuals; however, a pdf version that you can print is in the works and I can e-mail you that. Eventually.

The deadline for the ADA contest is April 30, 2006. I think everyone has time for a couple of meetings before then.

Cheryl Rogers
Membership Person
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