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[AGA-Member] RE: AGA 2007 Convention?

The small group of staff have been working on several possibilities, including Atlanta, which turned out to be too expensive and would require more work than we could accomplish in time for a convention this year. So we are thinking of Atlanta for 2008, for which we will have more time search out more potential hotels.

For 2007, we are working on arrangements for Dallas, which shows more promise for this year. Larry Lampert has been doing the yeoman's share of the work so far, scouting out and negotiating with hotels, first in Atlanta and, now, Dallas. Still, even in Dallas prices are much higher than we have seen before. Also, it's been harder to find open dates. Proposals have been batted back and forth with several hotels but we haven't hit upon a workable arrangement yet.

We are still focused on having a convention in the fall, late October or early November, depending on hotel open dates, avoiding conflicts with other hobby conventions, and the holidays. An important value that Dallas offers is that we hope to have some local labor support there, which is critical to being able to produce a convention.

While Larry is out of the country for the next few weeks, I will be assuming his work with the hotels. Once a hotel deal, or at least a deal in principle, is arranged, we will have dates set and the basic elements that will determine the budget, which I then will put together.

We're still looking for someone to contact potential sponsors for the convention. This

As usual, lots of ideas have been offered to AGA, for which we are all grateful, but we aren't lacking for ideas so much as folks to put them into practice.

Cheryl has done a good job of rounding up some help for the membership activities. And the elbow grease support offered to AGA is greatly welcomed. 

In a related matter, last I recall, we still need someone to manage the Aquascaping Contest for 2007. There won't be a contest without someone to manage it. Erik, after having taken the full burden of responsibility for the contest virtually since its inception, generously, is still providing support on the technical end â?? so that part is covered. But we need someone to find judges, take care of public announcements ("advertising"), arrange for awards (ribbons, etc.), put together a timeline for the project, pull the whole thing together, and keep an eye on the various tasks and ensure that milestones are met.


Scott H.

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