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[AGA-Member] RE: 1600 Gallon planted tank

In large tanks that are well fed, the fish get along pretty well, there's even 300 or so Amano shrimp hiding in here. The fish will try and eat them if they can.  Cards do well. I tend not to mix large and small fish together as a rule and if so, the large fish tend to be cyptic.

the Java ferm just grows, the CO2 is keept in a good range in this tank because that has been a strong focus, and the results have been virtually algae free over the last 2+ years the tank's been up and running.
The client trims about once a month or so.

Overall, the tank is low light, high CO2/nutrients, water changes, good routine feeding/dosing.

We have a nice CO2 partial pressure dissolved meter, so there's no pH/KH influence on the CO2.

I'm setting the CO2 to directly control the CO2 ppm later for another 450 Gal tank for the same client. I should be able to wire it into a Neptune AC3 pro controller.

This way we can tell the controller to add and maintain 35ppm of CO2 in a high flow location and keep it there. Not pH, not KH changes or other issues influence it. Calibration needs done maybe once a year, clean the surface of the probe once every 2-3 weeks etc.
I wish we had a cheap version for 100-200$ for the hobby that would do that.

Tom Barr


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