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[AGA-Member] RE: 1600 Gallon planted tank

Yes, it is.

The client has reduced water changes and pruning over time.
Mostly by eye. The tank gets overgrown and then is hacked back(buckets and buckets of plants come out), then more water changes are done for the next 2 weeks, then back to the normal routine.

Much less work than the start.

Due to having to get inside the tank, water clarity at 4ft of distance, filter intakes at the surface only, ADA AS never did well. Many muck the sediment up a lot, move things around, change their minds etc.

This just uses Eco complete, but Flourite Black sand would be/look better I think.

The next tank will have the black sand. 

I'd wanted to get him on the nutrient rich sediments so dosing the water column would be much more forgiving. But........that's not going to happen. Scare them off with one bad experience, they are hard to convince otherwise.

Tom Barr


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