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[AGA-Member] securing riccia on rock/wood (was RE: 1600 Gallon planted tank)

> i was wondering, i know you said fishing 
> line for riccia, but mine always grows 
> off of the line or pulls off. how do you 
> get it to grown onto the wood so well.  

Get some fine nylon hairnets, usually found at the ladies cosmetics section of grocery stores. It's quite elastic. Try to get a color that matches your rock or wood, like light or dark brown. On an even surface like a smooth rock, just lay down the riccia on the rock, wrap it snugly in one or two layers of hairnet, and tie off the extra hairnet below the rock in a knot. For uneven surfaces like wood, you may need more hairnets. Drape it around the best you can, then tie nylon thread around areas of the wood that need the support. It will look a bit clumsy for the first few weeks but it will eventually grow out to hide the hairnet and nylon threads. I've used this technique for Java moss, works very well. It should work with riccia too. 


Shireen Gonzaga
Baltimore, MD
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