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Re: Anerobic substrate.

Phil Eaton wrote:
> Thanks to everyone for your reply...
> I was quite curious about Gary's response, and found myself wondering what
> kind of substrate do you have with your undergravel filter?
> I have only seen 1 tank with an undergravel filter and apistos and great
> plant growth without any problems. It's substrate consisted of large
> polished stones 1" in diameter or larger, no sand, no gravel.  It was a 225
> gallon tank, and has tons of plants thriving in it, but they are all Java
> fern/windelov type plants.  I do believe he also has a sponge filter in one
> corner of the tank as well.
> I'm sure the type of substrate makes a great deal of difference concerning
> how much anerobic activity will occur.  Does the force of a powerhead help
> as well?
> Thanks,
> Phil Eaton
> Dallas TX

Hi Phil,
I have a standard aquarium gravel in there, small enough for my apistos
to lift and throw around. It's white, which allows me to see dirt
building, but because of the planting, I only vacuum the first maybe
12cm back from the glass.
The powerhead is strong, as I grow a lot of anubias nana on driftwood
near the surface, and a good flow seems to help. It's a 750 litre per
hour pump, aimed along the surface so the characins and apistos aren't
disturbed by it.
The bottom has a lot of well-established dwarf Amazon swords, two crypt.
sp and a stand of java moss attached to the gravel in the corner, along
with an Anubias barteri type thing and a lotus bulb on its 3rd growth
spurt as I write. Current population levels, stable for months, are 5
aga alenquer females, 1 cf juruense male, 25 cardinals, 12 P georgiae, 5
C panda, 6 C atropersonatus and my daughter's 2 African frogs.
I do 40% water changes every 7 to 10 days, and have lost one fish from
the tank in the past 3-4 months.
I think the powerhead may be key, as at that flow rate, it pulls big
time. It's a pretty traditional community set-up though.

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