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Hi folks,
I'd like to invite you all to join my frog-centric list, "anura" at the
onelist.com website:


"ANURA: Tropical frog natural history, captive breeding, conservation and
biophilia. Members of this list will receive regular announcements of
updates to
the www.anura.org website and the upcoming ANURA newsletter"

A weekly sampling of tropical frog lore with much of interest to all
naturalists- aquarists, botanists and froggers alike. promise- no spam.
This week...

"The Color of Love in the Polk Dot Strawberry Poison Frog,Dendrobates
pumilio , Isla Bastimentos, Panama" by Steve Waldron

                              Steven J. Waldron

               "Natural History, Captive Husbandry, Conservation and
                           Biophilia of Tropical Frogs"


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