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Re: N. adoketa

On Sun, 13 Feb 2000 dsatchell@lsol.net wrote:
> > 
> When a new species like this (first described 1993) becomes available,
> how long should it take to be generally available?  Assuming it is as
> pretty as they say, and reasonably cooperative in breeding, could we in
> the hinterlands expect to see it within three years?


Depends on the fish.  When Apist. pandurini first showed in the hobby it
was everywhere within a few months, same with the A. sp Rio
Mamores....depends on the fish, collecting locale and how easy they are to

The Pelvichromis suboccelatus, and taeniatus are quite variable....

...this fish  since it is rare in the habitat and it sounds like not easy
to spawn in the habitat then it may never become prolific in the hobby, or
perhaps it just hasn't made it out in the hobby to reach that critical
mass.  I remember no one had seen P. suboccellatus matadi in the hobby for
10 years, I  bought one of two pairs at New Orleans ACA, spawned them
several times and kept the Seattle area populated with them for 3 or so
years....then needed the tank space, gave my spawning pairs away and now I
don't see them again..... 

...and so it goes....
...hopefully someone will get them and keep them in the hobby.


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