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[Tetras] The Ultimate Fishroom Tour

From: "William Vannerson" <William_Vannerson@ama-assn.org>

It's one of those day dreamin' kind of days in the Windy City today.  It's Friday and it's snowing.  We have an inch or so with a few more coming throughout out the day.  So the mind wanders a bit, with the help of the Apisto List, to a thread about cross-country fishroom hopping.  So I'm expanding the thread to a more fantasy vein as well as broadening it out to a variety of lists.

Where would you go for the ultimate fishroom tour and why? Who's fishroom rooms would you love to see if you could just pack up and hit the road?

Since this is being sent out to a bunch of list, which everyone may not subscribe to.  I'll start capturing the threads and compile them onto a web page on my site later on.  That way everyone can plan their itinerary!  ;-)

Bill Vannerson
McHenry, IL

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