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RE: Alf Stalsberg

> By the way, could anyone give a report on the Yorkshire Auction?
> It would be interesting to know what came through.

I was there for the first time and was impressed by the way the auction was
run  All the fish were well bagged and looked to be of excellent quality.
There were about 500 lots and if you were a Rift Valley cichlid lover you
would have been in Heaven.  Some of these fetched very high prices of up to
35 (~$55) for a pair.  

Most of the dwarfs were sold in the first 30 minutes.  Included were
A.panduro, steindachneri, sp mamore, regani, bitaeniata, viejita, sp
rotpunkt, cruzi, caetei,  N.transvestitus and lots of Pelvicachromis species
including P. sp "guinea" which looked nice. 
The most interesting fish of the day were a wild pair of Nannacara taenia
which I had never seen before. 

Ken - Edinburgh.

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