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Re: A few questions

> Does anyone know where I can find a picture of a Mazarunia?
> I have read a little about them, but the books just mention them and do
> not say much about them, and I have never seen a picture. 
I have a copy of the original description downstairs in my office. I'll 
dig it out and give a brief digest. I know it's a monotypic genus with 
affinities to Crenicara. There is a picture in the Aqualog. It always 
looks strangely Mesoamerican to me, like a dwarf Paraneetrolpus 
or something.
I also read
> about a fish called Biotocus, which I have seen pictures of. I was
> wondering if anyone has ever owned either of the two, as I have never seen
> them offered for sale, anywhere.
This is a genus with two species, Biotoecus opercularis and
 B. centrarchus. Again, I have a copy of the original descr. of
 B. centrarchus, and I'll do the same. As before, pics in the 
A trio of my dream fish.

Pete Liptrot
Bolton Museum Aquarium
Le Mans Crescent, Bolton BL1 1SE
01204 332200

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