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Re: Live Black worms and other cultures...


Here is the link to the instruction page that I am basically quoting:


It is the procedure for culturing blackworms actually, and I don't know how 
much different it would be for tubifex worms.  Following is the "Cliff 
Notes" version:

Put 2-3 inches of aged tap water or spring water in a deep pan or small 
aquarium.  Add strips of brown paper towel material until the bottom of the 
container is just covered.  Add the worms to the container, and feed a 
couple of sinking fish food pellets to the culture.  Add additional pellets 
when the previously added pellets disappear.  Do not add too much food for 
this will kill the worms when the food begins to decompose.  It won't hurt 
the culture to go long periods without food, or have irregular feedings.

Replace water lost to evaporation by adding springwater or distilled water.  
Gentle aeration is recommended, and becomes more important as decomposition 
of the paper occurs and as the worm population increases.

As the paper towel disintegrates and wastes accumulate, replace the culture 
water regularly (about every two weeks) by slowly pouring the water in the 
container down a drain. Add new spring or aged tap water to return the 
container to the desired depth.

I am attempting to do this procedure as well, so best of luck to both of us!


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Is it possible to mail me the instructions how to bread tubifex? I checked 
website you mentioned, but couldn't find the instructions. Ordering from 
company is impossible for me as I'm a european. Its no problem for me to get
tubifex and to keep it for a short time but I have no idea how to bread it.

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