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Re: Apistogramma baby face


You are making me come out of my comfort zone, lurking that is. 

>Was this the dark or light colored form? (pt 2 needs proofing & then will
be on
>the way)

You do pay a lot of attention to detail, don't you. Both actually. I don't
see any diagnostic differences between the two. Color form does sound
appropriate unless it is a dominance thing, which might very well be since
only larger and more bold males show the lighter color. I'll get a shot of
the darker color form.

Pt 2- The Winkelfleck picture came from a shipment that contained only that
species. According to Roger Souza, the cousin of the discoverer Albertini
Pinedo, the fish comes from the Rio Orosa. He couldn't pinpoint the
tributary. Albertini is the same guy that discovered the Parrot Apisto and
the "Algodon II" (which is the proposed name ?), both from localities near
the Rio Orosa. So, in summary, I am pretty confident about the general area
but will have to wait until later this year for exact location and
ecological data.


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