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BCA Convention

Attention all U.K. members on this list.
This Sunday (9th) The British Cichlid Assoc. (BCA) Convention & Auction is
being held at Hendley in Arden School, Hendley in Arden, Warwickshire.  Alf
Stalsberg will be talking on South American Cichlids.  Also Ad Konings
speaking about Lake Malawi.  The auction has 400 pre-booked lots so there is
something for everyone.

Colin, I don't know which part of the UK you stay, I'm attending and I'm 320
miles away from the venue.  If you wish quality large and dwarf cichlids
this is the place to be on Sunday.
Contact me off list as to the area you stay and I may be able to lead you in
the right direction as to acquiring dwarf cichlids from an excellent breeder
and perhaps clubs in your area.

> Oh God! not another meeting for me to be jealous of you Yanks.
> At least in the UK you have SOME clubs, here, so far as I know, there are
> none:-(((((
> BTW, could SOMEBODY _Pleas_ give me some names/addresses of European
> specialists/breeders/importers?  I keep asking and I keepbeing ignored,
> I know how Bill Clinton feels, lol! (Please, this is not an excuse to
> politics:-))
> Colin

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