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Re: ACA plans...Rybicki

Hello All
I plan on attending the ACA this year, have the room reservations made
and all, Cathy, now that you're not going how do i get your room with
the 2 double beds in it?  

Anyways, for those of you that have never seen any of Steve Rybicki's
angelfish, wow, is all i can say.   I have some of his fish and they are
just simple outstanding fish.   His Angels are as good as they come.
Living in NY state and going to his home aquarium societys auction every
year, i have had the opportunity to buy some of his fish, he's also a
very nice guy too.

I also hope the ASG does something for the ACA convention and not on
Thursday night either.  I wont get there until Friday morning.   If the
ASG doesnt decide to do something, we as member of this list should have
an informal get together and get to know one and another.


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