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Re: krib fry!

In a message dated 4/8/00 3:31:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time, gkadar@idirect.ca 

<< >I just saw a herd a krib fry this morning.  I had
 >assumed that they were eaten after the female spawned
 >because she never stayed in the cave and they both
 >seemed very casual, and roamed the tank as usual.  Is
 >this normal behaviour?
 Don't you know? Fish are meant to drive you crazy.  They've been
 indocrinated:   'Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to drive
 humans round the bend.  Make sure you are as unpredictable as possible so
 that every experience is a learning experience.'  :):)
 Gabriella >>

I, too, had given up on my kribs spawning just three days ago.  This morning 
I saw my male krib hovering over some odd looking gravel....  fry!  The 
female adult krib was wandering the other end of the tank just as always.  I 
don't think she guarded the eggs, as I've been watching her behaviors.  Maybe 
the male was?  He's certainly tending to them now without her help.  

Anyone else witness this behavior of the male tending with fry without the 

And to think I almost pulled the parents out in frustration. 

- Carl ( a lurker who makes sure his subject lines are appropriate )

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