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RE: Egg Eating Thoughts

I might even take this experiment a step further and try putting a pair (F1)
from each set (comm. and wild) into differing sized breeding tanks... say
two pair in a 20gal and the two other pair in a 75-90. Then we could
possibly eliminate the space limitation theory? However, I do beleive that
to properly extrapolate from the results, the same situation would have to
be conducted through multiple generations. We could then possibly
extrapolate as to environmental factors as well.

Unfortunately, I don't have the larger tank and only one wild caught female
who won't even give the comm. raised males the time of day. Hard to get
wilds here as well (Ottawa, Can.). Anybody with a line on a wild-caught male
ram would really make my day.

John; anyone you know in the OVAS that might have one or two to spare
Or anyone who is a OVAS member that subscribes to this list, don't mean to
be exclusive but John is the only person I know of here that has been to
their meetings.

Lastly, I would like to add that some of the threads I have lurked here have
been very thought provoking and educational. I want to express my gratitude
to all of you. Same goes for Phill and his grapefruit.


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> Travis wrote:
> < Then you'd use a pair from the parent-raised and a pair-from the
> < hobbyist-raised and see if one group has significantly better parenting
> < instincts.  Then you could tell if it was learned behaviour or not...

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