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here's what I have; what can I do with it.

Hi all,
    I haven't posted in a while, been real busy. But I've been enjoying
reading the list. Here's my question:

    I've finally got my 'regular' tank up and running, after moving house in
December. (My poor fish have been cramped up in a little 10gal 'temporary'
tank since then.) My regular tank is a 25gal tall. It serves as a sort of
display tank; I've got a nice gravel/sand/fluorite mixture, put several
plants in. I've got a couple of silvertip tetras, and a family of around 10
apistos - a mother and several juveniles of various ages and sizes. Most of
these I plan to sell to my LFS. I plan to buy a few more fish of different
species to add some variety - maybe some other tetras, some pygmy corydoras?
I've also got the 10gal tank.

    Given this small supply of equipment and livestock, and the goals of
maintaining the 25gal as a display community tank and using the 10gal as a
possible breeding/growout tank, what would be a logical way of setting
things up? Should I plan to keep 3-4 Apistos in the 25gal, pulling any eggs
as they occur and hatching them in the 10gal? Or let nature take its course
in the 25gal, using the 10gal for something else?

    Would it be possible to use the 10gal as a breeding and growout tank,
pulling the parents out after they've done their part? That sounds like it
might be a reasonable way to go, rather than pulling the eggs from the
bigger tank.

Any suggestions? (No I'm not allowed to buy any more tanks. Besides I have
enough trouble as it is, minding the ones I've got.) What 'dithers' would
work well in upper water levels?


PS  My mama Apisto (sp. Mamore or something else - I've never figured out
what it actually is) just laid a bunch of eggs on the side of a driftwood,
about 60-70 little white eggs. I don't know if they have been fertilized, if
so it would've been by one of her sons (cue the banjos again).

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