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Re: here's what I have; what can I do with it.

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On 4/12/00 at 3:23 AM IDMiamiBob@aol.com wrote:>I think you can grow the
fry for only so long in a 10 gallon tank.  I use 10s 
>for breeding, and pull the males when the females start keeping them
> a group of 25-30 fry will start dying after about a month unless you do 
>water changes daily.  And that will only solve it for a short while.
>Of you're totally in love with your apistos, you may have to dedicate the 
>larger tank to breeding and grow-out, with the 10 for putting the parents
>after the fry are a couple weeks old.
>Bob Dixon

Bob, you are absolutely right in your advice about tank sizes and fish
health. I however, had a case that proves how hardy Kribs can be.

I made a house move last fall. It was local, only a couple of miles but
involved about 50 tanks, so, therefore a major undertaking. I had a pair of
kribs that had breed in a 10 gal and the fry, maybe 50 or so, were together
with mom and dad. The tank was heavily planted, had an under gravel and a
power filter, a hood with a light on a timer for 12 hours daily. 

They were the last tank I moved and were left for about 90 days with
feedings two or three times a week. They were sadly neglected but managed
to survive and thrive. The fry were about 1" and healthy when I finally got
them moved. Mom and dad have bred again in another 10 gal and the fry are
now in a 35 gal grow out. As far as I could tell no young were eaten or
died. I was amazed that the adults, one didn't bully or eat the fry so they
could breed again. Maybe that's another case of instinct saying: "There's
no way we can breed in here again until the little guys are out."  I don't

I don't recommend this treatment of our fish but it does help to prove two
things I firmly believe in. Lots of plants and lots of filtration.

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