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Re: safe catfish

O.K.  I gotta put my 2 cents worth in here.  My apistos spawned in the same
tank and successfully raised their fry to adulthood, I may add, in a tank
with 3 aeneas and 1 melanistius corys (plus 5 clown loaches).  Of course it
isn't a bare bottom tank, it's a jungle, but nevertheless the corys (and
clowns) stayed out of apisto territory.  The aeneas corys do their mating
dances and I assume they spawn, but so far zilch.  Upstairs at the tank
surface I just discovered my third generation of dwarf gourami as well.
Cute.  This, I thought would be impossible because of the presence of
guppies.......seems pop gourami does a much better job of guarding his area
than I would have given credit.


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