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wild fish


You know the problem with that would be getting them to you!!! Not just a
walk around the neighborhood, even though you do live in a great
neighborhood.  I am sure they might ship if you were interested, I am not
sure how long they have been in though, looked a little stressed, and one
tetra in the tank had a lesion on it.  Overall I would have gotten some if
I had an empty tank, neat looking fish.


On Tue, 25 Apr 2000 Apistodave@aol.com wrote:

>  Some interesting fish at Village Tropical (no association to me), were
>  some wild caught cacautoides....nice fish, a few with enough black on the
>  tail to make me think it could be leulinga....but I do think they were
>  wild cac's, a little stressed, but could be fun fish if anyone has an
>  extra tank...only 3.99 a fish too.  They had a tank labeled wild kribs (I
>  didn't ask if they really were), several trifasciata, and some nice
>  bitaeniata males.  

> You didn't get me any?

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