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Re: one line postings

Piabinha@aol.com wrote:
> gary,
> in this list as in others, there are people whose posts i don't really read since chances are there is not going to be much for me to learn from.  others will, but not me.  that's just a preference.  so i use my delete button.
> tsuh yang

Tsuh Yang
Even if I got home from work to discover a gang of urban raccoons had
eaten all the redbelly dace in my backyard pond, I'm still more cheerful
that I was at 7 this morning. 
There are names I delete on any list - the internet works like that. But
I hate to do that on this list. There are too many potential pearls for
this swine to give up...  
In an attempt to be constructive, I'd prefer we framed our comments.
E-mail can be an unforgiving medium - it's easy to insult or appear to
brush off, or even annoy, because there's no context but typing. If we
could at least quote, it would save sending four or five one line, no
context posts per day. I just like to have a reasonable chance of
guesssing what people are on about.
-Gary 'I curse raccoons' Elson

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