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Re: Live food survey

In a message dated 8/4/00 2:43:53 PM Mountain Daylight Time, relli@aye.net 

> 1. How many years have you been successfully raising fry? (answer zero if
>  less than one)

I raised my first Apisto fry in 1982.  I've been in and out of the hobby ever 
since.  How many years real experience?  Shucks, I don't know.

>  2. What are your three favorite live foods, with no regard to cost or
>  difficulty to culture? What are your three least favorite?

My favorite isn't so much a food as a techique.  When I get lucky enough to 
get a bunch of that slimy algae going in a tank, I don't have to feed the fry 
anything until they are a month old.  they grow fastest for me this way, and 
also are healthier when they grow up.  The algae provide a good medium for 
infusoria that really works well for raising fry.  

Second is mosquito larvae.  I can't get Synodontis nigriventris to spawn 
without it.  It is an incredible high-nutrition food.

I like Tubifex a lot.  If you grow your own, you won't have to worry about 
all the junk they get into in the wild.

>  3. Which three live foods do you think are easiest to culture? 

1) Mosquito larvae.  Beyond a doubt.  Just buy a kiddy pool, fill it with 
water, toss in a good supply of peat moss, and wait.  The starter culture 
supplies itself.

2) Vinegar eels.

3) third would be a toss up between tubifex and daphnia.  The tank with the 
tubifex culture tends to stink, though.  You need to maintain a sort of 
"controlled rot" to keep it going.  Okay, Daphnia.  No stink, no mess. No 
muss no fuss no bother.

>Which three are hardest?

Microworms.  I can't keep them going.  I don't know why.  I just finally gave 
up.  I start a new one every month and most of the times, the vitality of 
each "generation" weakens until they fail.


grindal and white worms.  They are easy to keep, but hard to harvest.

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator

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