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Re: The perfect d.c. book?

What would I have in the PERFECT DC book?  Let's see-

1) Effective ID system, for apistos probably based on the black marking 
patterns, as that seems the most consistent within each species.  Of course, 
it would first have to guide you by body/fin shape/profile to the right 

2) Color photos would be cool.  Of course most (read:all) hobbiest expect 
that as mandatory.

3) Good guide for both native spawning water parameters (pH,GH, KH, temp and 
conductivity if available) and captive breeding parameters.

4) Expandability.  The way things are going, there can never be a fully 
up-to-date book as long as new fish are continuing to be discovered/imported. 
 Maybe a loose-leaf format or a loose-leaf addendum volume, being expanded by 
a rate of x-number speicies per month/year.

5) I think the SA and W Africans could probably be split into separate 
volumes.  Of course Apistogramma could be a volume all by itself.

Bob Dixon
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