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Re: curviceps

In a message dated 01/09/00 05:21:10 GMT Daylight Time, dsatchell@lsol.net 

> Mine responded to water changes and a small kribensis as a "target
>  fish".  Fed them on pieces of purged earthworms.  Easier than Laetecara
>  dorsigera to spawn, and much better parents.

I agree, I conditioned them on Grindal, White and Bloodworms and when she was 
'bulky' initiated spawning with a cool water change (2 deg C over full tank 
reduction).  The tank also contained a pair of largeish Ram cichlids which 
were excellent targets.

I think the problem with dorsigera is twofold 1.they appear to like softer 
water - mine spawned weekly in water at pH 5.5 - 5.8 with 100% hatch rates. 
2. I think you need a young pair - mine have gone off breeding since they 
attained full adult size and now are showing signs of old age.

Alan W

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